Did you know you should be getting your property inspected for termites every 12 months?

The requirements of Australian Standard (AS3660) Require the following:

  • Timber pest inspections must be conducted on a property prior to their purchase.
  • Regular inspections are termite inspections as part of new or on-going termite management, and not to be spaced more than 12 months apart.
  • Special inspections may be undertaken as part of actions to control termites, and should be no more than 6 months apart.

Get An Expert Inspection Of Your Home

One of our termite experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your property; explain their findings; recommend the best treatment options for your property and answer all of your questions.  

Our expert will inspect, if practical:

  • All accessible timbers under the house
  • All accessible timbers under the roof
  • Inside and outside the building and its surrounds
  • Gardens
  • Fences
  • Tree and stumps
  • Any other timber structures and trees on the property, up to 50 meters from the main building
  • The presence and effectiveness of visible and accessible termite barriers
  • The susceptibility of your property to termite infestation (subfloor ventilation and drainage, obvious damp areas, etc)

Our goal is for you to make an informed choice and have a clear understanding about what your property requires to protect it from termites and the immeasurable damage they can do.

As well as discussing our findings and recommendations for your property, we will issue a pest inspection report.


Ongoing Inspections

Our expert will discuss and explain the need for ongoing inspections of your property.  

We recommend that properties be inspected at least every 12 months and more frequently in high risk situations.